Friday, June 4, 2010

Jacket Cover!

Back in the Imperium home front... we are working hard to get this book out to all of you. I decided that I would show everyone what the jacket cover is going to look like.

When deciding the cover, I chose a full moon scenery because of endless possibilities this brings to the forefront of existence. Everything about the picture is symbolic, the darkness and the fog...the rippling water in the pond and even the dark forest in the background. Maybe it's Zane's inner turmoil or maybe it's just the mysteries that shroud Imperium.

The cover might change but for right now, this is how I am envisioning it and yes... I put a picture of a wolf as my author picture... my identity for the safety of your kind should be protected...

Please enjoy the jacket cover of Hunter Imperium.


  1. The cover looks brill. I love the silhouette of the trees. I only have one question. Does your novel actually have wolves in it? I'm only asking because the image on the back cover might be misleading. People might not automatically understand it to be a photo replacement for yourself. Other than that, I think it's perfect.♥

  2. Actually believe it or not there are lycanthrope in the novel. In Imperium there are a plethora of species and not just vampire so it will be alright. I just do not have a desire to reveal myself, gender or picture.