Sunday, July 10, 2011


It has been a while due to unfortunate circumstances but I want peope to know ESPECIALLY if you have pre-ordered a novel that they finally arrived and I will be shipping them out on Monday... I am living in Maryland now and have finally acquired a permanent place to live. I appreciate the patience displayed and I will have things out soon. Also for anyone going to Otakon this year expect to see me selling more novels and artwork. Thank you for your support and if you have questions.. Email me at Have a great day!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Art and Novel!

The last convention had me selling out all the novels I hauled along. This next one is in June and I am planning on selling novels as well as a bundle pack which includes a signed novel as well as a character pin-up of one of my characters. It is fun to bring to life my characters on the page. I plan to draw Elizabeth, Nicholai, Desmond and a few others yet to be revealed. Zan has already been drawn.

Other updates are that Fallen Imperium is almost complete... I know I've taken along time with that and I've started the final book Delivered Imperium (working title). Trying to close the trilogy is hard because I love my characters but this isn't the end of Imperium or more novels in this realm... Just the wrap up of Zane.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011


"Hunter Imperium" is now available on the Kindle for $0.99...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


In 24 hours, "Hunter Imperium" will officially be available on the Kindle!!

Also as an update, "Fallen Imperium" is halfway through the first draft!